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Rare Canadian Coins

Here is a list of rare Canadian coins and some history behind them.

1911 Canadian Silver Dollar

1921 Canadian 5 Cent Piece

1921 Canadian 50 Cent Piece

1936 Canadian Dot Coins (one cent and five-cent coins)

1948 Canadian Silver Dollar

1921 Canadian 50 Cent Piece
1921 50 Cent Obverse 1921 50 Cent Reverse

*photos courtesy of Heritage Auction Galleries

There was a very low demand for fifty-cent Canadian coins from the early to middle of 1920s. In effect, only 28,000 pieces were issued between 1921 and 1929.

The demand for the half dollar coins rose in 1929 and the Master of the Ottawa Mint decided to melt down stocks of 1920 and 1921 coins. It is believed that only around 75 pieces of the 1921 fifty cent have survived and exists today. In an auction, a 1921 Canadian fifty cent graded MS64 was sold for $74, 750.